Earn more income by telling hotels about our marketing services.

→ We make website and marketing stuff for hotels. But we kinda suck at talking.

→ You ROCK at talking. You’re a natural talker! We bet you’ve talked a bunch earlier today!

Here’s how you turn that wonderful hot air into cold hard cash.

Apply & Earn

“I feel like you know us.”

Marie Fielden
Marketing Director, True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

Hotel folks love when you show them our stuff.

We help hotels with a bunch of stuff. We want you to help us get the word out.

It’s super easy. Just copy/paste.

  1. Get the goods. We give you the pretty words and pictures.
  2. Share the goods. You smack that sweet eye candy right in front of that hotel marketing person you know: in person, or online.
  3. That’s it! They ask questions? Just connect us, and we’ll answer all their questions until they love us.

If they sign up, then you get paid.

So here’s the quick recap.


Offer our work to your hotel partners.

When you work with a hotel, just show them our services, along with any of your own.


Get paid for every “yes”.

When a hotel signs up for a service of ours, you get a commission.


Keep getting paid!

For as long as the hotel continues with our ongoing service, you get ongoing payouts.

So what kind of income are we talkin’?

It’s not crazy huge, but it’s pretty decent, and way easy.

Ashley & Curtiss made $16,655.

In one modest example, Ashley & Curtiss earned a nice amount with just one hotel.

We have some examples of less, and some examples of more.

Check out this real-life example, and some other realistic projections of what to expect.


We are accepting applications now, and we’re only accepting 12 partners for our campaign.

After you apply, we’ll reach out in the order that your application is received to see if you’re a good fit.